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Are you experiencing the end of year fatigue?

Naseerah Nanabhai | naseerahnanabhai@gmail.com
1 min read | 12:30 PM CAT

In just under two months, we will bid farewell to 2022 and welcome the new year. While many of us may be eager or even nervous for 2023, at this time of year, most people may be experiencing what is termed end-of-year fatigue.

End-of-year fatigue can be described as a general lack of motivation that includes feelings of overwhelm and a lack of productivity near the end of the year. End-of-year fatigue has symptoms of poor concentration, insomnia, aches, and irritability and may even include depression and anxiety.

End-of-year fatigue can affect anyone, but people who commonly work past their breaking point and push through emotional and physical exhaustion are more at risk.

If you are experiencing end-of-year fatigue, you must take action. This may include improving time management, taking regular breaks, limiting social media, exercising, following a healthy diet, and other self-care practices.

If these don’t work, professional help may be the next step. If you feel like life is getting the best of you and everything is simply building up and intensifying your year-end fatigue, you should make an appointment with a counsellor or therapist to help you work through the stress.

If you are also having physical symptoms because of year-end fatigue that are not improving, you should contact a doctor to rule out any underlying physical illness.

Typically, the most challenging part of every race is found very close to the finish line — this cannot be more apt. As many of us rush to get things done around the end of the year, we must ensure we do not neglect our mental and physical health.


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