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The Africa Report

By Neelam Rahim

In discussion with Radio Islam International on this week’s Africa Report is the Head of Media Monitoring Africa, Thandi Smith.

Angola is the only country in the SADC region without laws to protect pregnant pupils’ rights to education. Thandi said teenage pregnancy is a global problem and argues that the rules are very restrictive, counter-human rights and counter-progressive, further disempowering and marginalising young girls and women.

The court decision regarding the Kenyan elections, Thandi said progression and a very interesting outcome. It shows the independence of the judicial system.

“The positive thing that we see is that the decision although people may not agree with, is been respected.”

Meanwhile, there is the first collaborative African Fantasy Universe. Thandi said the superhero characters have historically all been set in European-dominated fantasy worlds.

She added we now see the first collaboration to develop the first African-centred fantasy world.

“It’s an intricate collaboration between a few people in Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana.”

The fantasy world is centred on African culture and music.

Listen to the Africa Report on Radio Islam’s podcast below.


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