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Asia Pacific Report: Four democracy activists in Myanmar executed by country’s ruling military junta

Jul 28, 2022
By Neelam Rahim
Senior Research Associate fellow at Institute for Global Dialogue, Senusha Naidoo, Joins the discussion with Radio Islam International in this week’s Asia Pacific Report.
The powerful seven-magnitude earthquake strikes the Philippines 
According to Senusha, assessed at 7.3 but brought down to 7 magnitudes. The quake hit northern Luzon in the Philippines, killing at least five if not more at this point and leaving more than 65 others injured.
She says it has created terrible infrastructure damage to hospitals and buildings. The quake sent tremors through the Capital of Manila in the Northern Province of the Island country.
More violence in Myanmar is feared as the junta’s execution sends a ruthless message to Asean.
According to Senusha, the junta military has executed four people they claim have committed crimes that have exceeded their sentences. These four are individuals that are democracy activists and politicians. One or two are linked and aligned to Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy.
She says the military junta has made a trial behind closed doors and found that these individuals were guilty of either committing treason against the State or one or two of them found guilty of killing a possible military junta member. 
They decided to hang these individuals. The first hanging since 1989 has caused contestation outrage worldwide, including in South East Asia and Asean. She added that the challenge now is whether the military junta will be trusted and the political State in Myanmar.
Meanwhile, India elects Droupadi Murmu as its President, its first tribal community.
According to Senusha, she comes from a tribal community in Orissa. She has been in the BJP government previously. She also served in the Modi government twice.
 Senusha says coming from a Tribal land, Murmu’s father was a tribal chief. She is also a teacher by training and was inaugurated as the second female President of India. 
 She added that the challenge now is whether or not her position is ceremonial or she will be able to have a much more leverage position in the political structure of the Indian political system. 

Listen to the full Asia Pacific Report on Radio Islam’s podcast below.


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