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ASRI Report with Ebrahim Fakir

By Neelam Rahim

It’s been another dramatic week in South African politics with missed deadlines, cases within cases, and ever-dominating headlines.

 A president with higher trust than his parties was at the centre of debates about stolen money.

Staring with missed deadlines, something trivial perhaps didn’t get as much attention as it deserves, is vitally important.

Radio Islam discusses with Ebrahim Fakir.

“In 2020 the constitutional court after a case brought by something called the new nation movement ruled that the current electrical system is actually unconstitutional because it doesn’t allow individuals to be able to stand as individuals. And then is say’s parliament has two years in which to remedy this defect. Parliament had until the 10th of 11th of June this year and that date has come and gone so it seems parliament itself was in contempt of the constitutional court. They applied for an extension and the court thankfully granted them 6 months so they have until the 10th of December this year,” says Ebrahim.

This week Arthur Fraser Smith met with the Hawks and provided more details regarding the investigation.

“If you know of a crime and you don’t report it is actually criminal.”

Ebrahim says, “There’s a secondary set of regulations which precludes the amount money you can keep of cash in foreign currency. So the president may have clouted those laws. He had a whole press conference in which he refused to answer any of these questions. His cop-out was to say, ‘no this is all this in process, let the investigations conclude’ so his invoking this business of subduety when is fact is actually very misleading on behalf of the presidents.”

To make things more controversial, the president has suspended public protector Busisiwe Mogabane which he has done in the previous week. This week she asked him to resin the suspension, which the president has refused to do so. This seems both dramatic as well as drastic.

Ebrahim says, “this was absolutely necessary as the public protector has been proven by the court no less on more than one occasion to not understand the law, the limits of her office nor the limits of her authority as she oversteps it.”


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