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Benefits of Spring

Sep 09, 2022

Summer, winter, and autumn may have their fans, but spring is largely the most lovable of the four seasons. Who doesn’t like warm weather, chirping birds, beautiful flowers and delicious fruit coming into season?

Today we take a look at some of the benefits of Spring!

Temperatures are Moderate

Spring marks the end of blistering winter and the transitional period to scorching summer. In many places, the season brings mild temperatures. People tend to be most comfortable at temperatures in the early twenties, research shows, so the arrival of spring means you can finally ditch the heavy winter layers and still be comfortable.

There is more daylight
Following the spring equinox, days begin lasting longer and nights get shorter. Daylight Saving Time, which moves the clock forward starting in March, gives you even more light hours to get things done. Those extra hours of sun can be a major mood-booster, according to some research. A 2016 study of students in counselling at Brigham Young University found that the longer the sun was up during the day, the less mental distress people experienced.

The birds return
Many animals migrate during the winter, then head back as temperatures rise. For many people, there is no better indicator of spring than birds chirping outside your window. In addition to the satisfaction of marking species off your bird-watching checklist, seeing more of our feathered friends can make you happy. In 2017, a UK study found that the more bird’s people could see in their neighbourhoods, the better their mental health.

There are baby animals everywhere
Many animals reproduce in the spring, when temperatures are warmer and food is plentiful. Baby bunnies, ducklings, chipmunks, and other adorable animals abound come spring. Studies have found that seeing cute animals can have positive effects on humans.

You can go outside
Warmer temperatures mean you can spend more time outside without freezing your feet off, which is great for mental health. Across the seasons, research has found that taking walks in nature slows your heart rate and makes you more relaxed, but some research indicates that there is something special about spring’s effect on your brain.

It makes you more creative
That same University of Michigan study found that spending time outside in the sunny spring weather isn’t just a mood booster, it actually can change the way people think. The researchers found that being outdoors broadened participants’ minds, leaving them more open to new information and creative thoughts.

The leaves come back
Spring brings green growth back to plants and trees. Depending on where you live, trees may begin sporting new leaves as early as mid-August. That successful spring leaf growth ensures a cool canopy to relax under during the hot summer—a hugely important factor in keeping cities comfortable. According to researchers, vegetation plays a big role in mitigating the urban heat island effect.

Growing Plants Absorb Carbon Dioxide
It’s amazing what a little sun can do for plants and grass. Through photosynthesis, plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into food, releasing oxygen in the process. That means as plants start to grow in the spring, they pull carbon out of the atmosphere, providing an important environmental service. Plants take in roughly 25 percent of the carbon emissions humans produce, absorbing more than 100 gigatons of carbon through photosynthesis each growing season. Because of this, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere drops each spring and summer.

It’s easy to find fresh produce
Many vegetables and some fruits are harvested in the spring. It is the season to get your local asparagus, greens, peas, rhubarb, and other fresh produce. Getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet isn’t just good for the body; it’s good for the soul.

Flowers are in bloom
After months spent conserving energy, flowers bloom in the spring, once they sense that the days have grown longer and the weather has turned warmer. That’s good for humans, because several studies have shown that looking at flowers can make you happy.

You don’t have to worry about dry air
Flu season typically lasts through autumn and winter, usually peaking between April and July and tapering off during the spring. The seasonal change is in part because of dry air. Cold temperatures mean a drop in humidity, and indoor heating only makes the air drier. This lack of moisture in the air can dry out your skin and the nasal cavities, leading to nose bleeds, irritated sinuses, and a greater risk of getting sick. Since the mucus in your nose is designed to trap viruses, when it dries up, you’re more likely to catch something nasty, like the flu. As the weather warms up and becomes more humid throughout the spring, that mucus comes back. As the season wears on, not only can you lay off the body lotion, but you can probably put away the tissues—if you don’t have spring allergies, that is.

You can open your windows
Temperate weather makes it easier to get the fresh air you need. Opening your windows and allowing the breeze in serves as an important way to ventilate indoor spaces. A lack of ventilation can lead to an unhealthy concentration of indoor pollutants from sources like cleaning product fumes, certain furniture and building materials, and stoves (especially gas ones), posing a threat to your health and comfort. Winter brings the highest rates of indoor pollutants like nitrogen oxide. Spring brings the perfect opportunity to throw open those windows and doors and get the air moving again.


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