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Book Review: The Rank of the Sahaba by Mufti Muhammad Shafi RA





Book Review: The Rank of the Sahaba by Mufti Muhammad Shafi (RA)

Reviewed by: Ml. Ashraf Dockrat on Radio Islam – 12 May 2014

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EBook: (unavailable)

Genre: Islamic Jurisprudence/Translation

Target Audience: Those interested in how history & historical accounts have been gleaned by the scholars of Islam. Affirms faith in the Sahaba and their rank and rights in Islam.

Suitability: All

Synopsis: An important new translation and contribution to this genre. While the translator was working on (another translation), the voluminous Taareeghe Millat, he felt perplexed about certain narrations, which seemingly belittled the sahaba and their rank. He sought his ustaad’s counsel and was advised to translate this book of Mufti Shafi’s, because it deals with questions of the rank and status of the Sahaba in Islam.

Also, in the past there have been many ways to approach history using a varying criterion of narrations. Mufti Shafi (ra) herein outlines the methodology of research and the importance of history and pitfalls if not careful in this regard.

Also outlined herein is the difference between the methodologies applied by hadith scholars and seerah scholars.

The rank of the noble companions (rad); their specialties, especially in our climate of vilification; consensus that all the sahaba are Just; and the position and approach of the Ahlus Sunna with regards their differences are also found herein. Further, rebuttal to certain attacks by Orientalists are also discussed.

Published by: Zam Zam Publishers (2013)

Available from: Madrasah Arabia Islamia

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