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Building a business empire as a Muslim woman

Shakirah Hunter

Technology has to a great extent made the lives of Muslim women wishing to fulfill the command of Allah Ta’ala to live within their homes much easier -whilst running massive successful businesses. Home industries have moved from being something that we looked down at and transformed into mega businesses that have made our lives as Muslim entrepreneurs an incredibly successful one. Muslim women are talented with business skills , education and teaching. The online technology available through Instagram , WhatsApp etc has allowed businesses to transform and have become a place of growth for women.

In running your business as a Muslimah your first intention is to fulfill this great sunnah of the Ummahaatul Mu’mineen. To focus on the many avenues of Khair that one can accomplish through this business. Secondly we know that the mental load of a women is immense and has to be balanced so that we find ourselves running effective businesses and at the same time we don’t experience burnout and fatigue when trying to balance it all.

In a recent panel discussion we asked Llife coach Sister Uzma Chayya and Business entrepreneur and mother of five Sister Nazreen Kassam , how to achieve success in our businesses and find balance at the same time.
The following core advices form the basis of a successful Home Industry :

1. Creating Benefit:

A clear objective and passion for your product and the why behind your business is the main components of a successful Muslim business. Creating benefit to others should be at the core of your business and allows you to find a deeper reason in what you sell. This will set you apart from others and allow you to not become overwhelmed by the many online stores out there. The hadith describes the one who creates benefit to others as the best of people , and in viewing your business as a way to create service and benefit you allow your business to be set apart from others.

2. Time Management and Boundaries:

As a mother or a wife you must focus on your own wellbeing and the tranquility within your home. It can be tempting to answer messages via Whatsapp or Dms regarding your business as soon as you wake up . Yet this can lead very quickly to your work life overtaking your entire day. Set a time for your work. A fixed time that you answer questions and reply to messages. Create a set boundary or a cut off time for your work for each day. Factor in your spiritual needs like Salah , and your physical needs like a healthy meal and thereafter the needs of your spouse , children and home and work your hours around these times. A clear schedule and outline for your day leads to a deeper and more productive day as a whole.

3. Dealing with Negative comments and questions:

You will find that many people ask you the reason why you may have a business. Sometimes it comes across as judgement and people may look down on you for doing so. At times you might get questions regarding your costing and why you maybe more expensive when it is priced at a lesser price in a retail store. As a businesswoman , you must constantly understand that these type of feedback will be one in ten or one in twenty. Focus on those that are positive and allow yourself to accept that you might not be able to please everyone. In creating your own boundaries mentally you take back the control of those messages. Don’t allow your day or your thoughts to be overtaken by one or two messages.

4. Motivation and confidence:

Sister Uzma has advised us to look at motivation like a daily bath. It is not something we do erratically or when we choose to . It must be a constant part of our lives and should never be attached to highs and lows . In finding the constancy of motivation it allows you to prosper when you might not feel like things are working out. At times we are under the misconception that we need to have sales rolling in and if we don’t we immediately hit rock bottom. But the reality is that we have to develop a slow and constant motivation mad confidence in the products that we are selling and in our own abilities.

5. Marketing and Advertising with integrity and honesty :

These make up the main qualities of the Muslim Entrepreneur , extremely honest and trustworthy are the words used to describe them in the hadith. It should never matter whether people judge you according to their standards,rather we should keep ourselves to these ethics mentioned in the Hadith and from the basis of our business. Your business will flourish and people will keep coming back to you – even if the market is flooded or others might be doing the same business as you.


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