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Capacity to prosecute complex corruption cases expanded – NPA

Neelam Rahim |

3-minute read
05 June 2023 | 20:37 CAT

Image: EWN

Image: EWN

The National Prosecuting Authority has expanded its capacity and expertise to prosecute highly complex corruption and state capture cases. The NPA state this is as it is cognisant of the devastating impact that state capture and other forms of corruption have on the country, economy, democratic institutions and its people.

In an interview with Radio Islam International, the NPA’s Adv Mthunzi Mhaga speaks about The NPA’s expanded approach to its capacity and expertise to handle the particularly complex state capture corruption cases.

It starts with strategic case coordination and prioritisation of impactful cases. It extends to enlisting the services of the country’s leading Senior Counsel and other local and international experts to support prosecutors and ID investigators in their work.

Adv Mhaga said the NPA also aims to ensure that there is the foreign capacity to deal with digital issues related to the cases and evidential material, enabling the present formidable cases.

The expanded use of seasoned advocates and other experts to support our specialist staff, which we have now applied in some critical cases already enrolled, will ensure that the NPA can deal with all aspects of these complex cases, in a sustainable and coordinated manner, with the best available resources. The NPA will also expand the use of its existing internal case advisory panels to ensure that the most experienced prosecutors in the NPA provide their insights and guidance concerning all priority cases, primarily on whether the standard of proof required for enrolment is met, said a statement issued by Adv Mhaga.

Listen to the full interview on Radio Islam’s podcast with host Annisa Essack.


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