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Herbs Articles

Tea Herbs

Tea Herbs   Herbs used in various combinations to make herbal teas with special flavours. An added benefit is...

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Medical Herbs

    Plant a medicine chest in your garden. take personal charge of your health and the hadith of your loved...

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Cooking Herbs

    What would a pizza be with out oregano, tomoatoes with basil or a festive leg of leamb without mint...

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Grow it: Plant in pots placed in full sunshine. Water well. Use it: Break open the thick leaves and apply...

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  Grow it: This sun-loving plant needs good drainage. Use a small pot filled with gravel and a light soil. Use...

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Lemon Balm

      Lemon Balm Grow it: Pot it, or it will colonize your garden. Use it: Use for healing and...

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How to grow Mint

Mint Grow it: Use a sunken pot, because it grows vigorously. Use it: Ideal for treating the collywobbles, which you...

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