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China Offers To Mediate Horn of Africa Disputes

Written by Umamah Bakharia  China has offered to play the role of mediator to resolve disputes in the Horn of Africa, on the opening day of a regional gathering in the Ethiopian capital. The Horn of Africa namely consists of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya,...

[LISTEN] The Africa Report: “Africa Needs People with a Heart for it”

Umm Muhammed Umar On the Africa Report, Radio Islam spoke to Dr Mustafa Mehta about why the United States was so keen on setting up a base in Africa, and why African countries were resistant towards it. Dr Mehta said that every country had its own army, which was...

Zimbabwe’s Health Care Workers Strike Over Poor Wages

Written by Umamah Bakharia  Doctors, nurses and other health sector workers in Zimbabwe have told the government that they'll go on strike today in protest against poor working conditions and remuneration. Reports suggest that healthcare workers' remuneration is so...

Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis Worsens As Inflation Increases

Written by Umamah Bakharia  Zimbabwe's economic crisis seems to be worsening.  The fall-out from the Ukraine invasion, a local currency and government interventions are all contributing to skyrocketing cost of living in Zimbabwe. With official inflation rates at 130%,...
Iconic Kenyan Hotel To Close Down

Iconic Kenyan Hotel To Close Down

  By: Zahid Jadwat Kenya's iconic Hilton Hotel Nairobi, a multi-story structure that was once one of the capital city's tallest structures, is set to close in December, according to reports. The hotel was built in 1969, six years after Kenya gained independence...

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