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Religious (opinion) Articles

Checking our unconscious bias

Shakirah Hunter Everyday like clockwork I take a walk with my kids. The sun and fresh air does us a lot of good. I am usually careful to walk with all my belongings tucked away as we have been taught to do so in South Africa. There is the worry of your belongings...

The Duaa Portal- The Duaa of Rajab – a supplication for barakah

SHAKIRAH HUNTER The onset of Rajab brings with it the much anticipated count down to Ramadan AL Kareem . We begin the month with a dua for barakah during this auspicious month. The reality of our preparation towards Ramadhaan means that Rajab is our time to set our...

Fall in love with the words of Allah – The history of the Qur’an Part Two: The time and place of revelatio

Shakirah Hunter On our journey to falling in love with the knowledge attached to each verse, statement, and word in the Qur’an, we delve a little further. Every ayah was revealed at certain times, and certain places. How fascinating and astounding that each ayah is...

Fall in love with the words of Allah – The history of the Qur’an Part One

Shakirah Hunter The holy Qur’an provides a love like no other. A love that takes different forms, time and a unique closeness. The Sahabah expressed their love to the words of Allah either by standing up for hours in recitation, or studying the meanings, or dedicating...