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SHAKIRAH HUNTER Chocolate should never be an issue of contention- at least that is the universal understanding of chocolate , yet last week we had contradictory statements coming out of our Halaal certification bodies – one stating that certain chocolate products were...

The Dua Portal: When fatigue overwhelms you

Shakirah Hunter This past weekend my nieces and nephews came over for our first sleepover. We had a lovely pizza evening followed by a anasheed evening with words being mumbled and lovely tea in tiny Turkish teacups. The four-year-old and three-year-old were super...

The Dua Portal: Duas to bid farewell to the Hujaaj

Shakirah Hunter The Hujaaj have been leaving. The farewells are so overwhelming. As we stand at the airport, we find ourselves crying for people that we don’t even know. The lists have been so long, preparation from snacks to the best  of luggage. Ihram checks, the...

The work of the Shayateen amongst men – The controversial film “THE LADY OF HEAVEN”

Shakirah Hunter Uproar has met the release of the controversial film “Lady in Heaven” as it hits mainstream media outlets. As soon as it was released a petition was signed and just in the first day it received over a hundred thousand signatures. This film sparked fury...