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Right-to-Die activist Sean Davison speaks to Radio Islam after his three year house arrest for assisting in the process of euthanasia

  Transcript by Yumna Moosa - After assisting three people in the process of euthanasia and being charged with premeditated murder, three years of house arrest was the sentence given to DignitySA right-to-die activist Sean...

Right-to-Die activist Sean Davison on Euthanasia

Hidden benefits of Honey

By Naseerah Nanabhai 29-06-2022 For thousands of years cultures around the world have consumed honey. The sticky amber liquid is a by-product of flower nectar and the upper aero-digestive tract of the honey bee and is known to have numerous health benefits. We have...

Are we losing the essence of Eid?

By Mumtaz Moosa Saley 27:06:2022 Our lives have moved online, we can shop for literally anything with one click and that even includes Qurbani.  Over the years I have watched how people prefer clicking and sending off their Qurbani donations to various parts of the...