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DA has launched a probe into Renaldo Gouws’ racist video following his suspension

Neelam Rahim |

4-minute read
22 June 2024 | 16:14 CAT

Renaldo Gouws. (Photo: (Photo: X: @RenaldoGouws)

The controversy surrounding DA MP Renaldo Gouws has escalated to a serious level. The DA has taken the drastic step of suspending him after a video containing deeply offensive racist language, including the K-word, resurfaced. These videos, which were made 15 years ago, came to light following his swearing-in at the National Assembly as part of the 7th administration.

Gouws, the former Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Ward 2 councillor, was sworn in as a member of parliament on June 14.

DA’s director of communications, Richard Newton, demonstrated the party’s commitment to accountability by immediately sending the video for testing when it surfaced. This proactive response is in line with the party’s stance against racism, which is a growing concern in our society.

Newton said, “The DA has established that the video, in which Renaldo Gouws uses execrable language, is genuine and not a fake as initially suspected.”

Gouws can be heard and seen in a video that resurfaced on social media recently, claiming that white South Africans are living in a “reverse Apartheid.”

In the video, Gouws makes controversial statements, claiming that white South Africans are experiencing a ‘reverse Apartheid ‘. He further asserts that white people are being ‘beaten, killed, and discriminated against’ in South Africa, a statement that has sparked widespread outrage and debate.

He continued to assert that white people face discrimination in South Africa, adding, “Call me a fu**ing racist if you want.”

Shortly after, a petition was started on June 16, calling for Gouws to be removed from parliament.

In response to the videos, Gouws made a public apology on X, denying that he was racist and stating that the videos were made when he was “young and still a student.”

He explained that he was reacting to comments made by “former President Zuma and then Youth Leader, Malema, who were singing songs about killing people based on their race.”

“I refute any claims of racism or being a racist. However, I can see how my message was distorted by the way it was delivered, and I take full responsibility for the actions of my younger, immature self,” Gouws concluded.

Newton says the party will act swiftly against suspended DA MP Renaldo Gouws over his racist rant after a disciplinary hearing is held.

“The date for his hearing will be set as soon as we get the panel together and begin this process. Gouws will have an opportunity to state his case,” he said.

“We want to deal with this as swiftly as we can, but there are processes that need to be followed.”

Newton said the party was shocked when the videos surfaced.

Newton said it did not matter that Gouws’ racial videos were made when he was a student.

“However long ago these videos were taken, it is not an excuse. What he said was absolutely shocking and cannot be condoned by the DA or any other person in South Africa,” he said.

Listen to the full interview on The Daily Round Up with Muallimah Annisa Essack and DA’s director of communications, Richard Newton, here.



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