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Developing healthy relationships and social skills after rehab

Azra Hoosen |
18th January 2024 | 15:00 CAT
2 Min read

Recovering from addiction and rehab can be a challenging journey. One of the most significant challenges is establishing healthy relationships and social skills. This involves learning how to connect with others in a healthy and supportive manner, which is crucial for maintaining long-term sobriety.

It requires developing effective communication skills, setting boundaries, and building a strong support network. This process can take time, but with the help of rehab professionals and support groups, individuals can develop the necessary skills to create healthy relationships and foster a fulfilling social life in recovery.

Jameela Bhikhoo, a Recovery NLP coach at Quantum Recovery and Wellness, explains that the first steps towards recovery start in rehab. The person with an addiction becomes aware of their triggers, identifies who or what enabled their addiction, and gets to the core of what they should stay away from. This helps them identify the people, places, and things they must avoid to maintain sobriety.

The main objective for individuals post-rehab is to discover their purpose, strive towards improving their lives, and achieve new goals.
“Once the drugs wear off, their emotions are heightened, and remorse is one the strongest emotions they feel, which can put them in a dark place, however, we teach them how to care about what they did and the effect it had on others, as well as helping them move through such emotions,” said Bhikoo.

The process of recovery is gradual and often it requires a lifelong effort.
“It does pose a challenge to take an addict, put them through rehabilitation and then place them back in the environment that caused addiction in the first place. But, once they understand that they are responsible for themselves, then they should be empowered to move to a state where they could be put anywhere,” said Bhikoo.

During and after rehabilitation, individuals in recovery often develop a higher emotional intelligence. This enables them to recognize manipulation and establish boundaries, empowering them to communicate truthfully and effectively throughout the rehabilitation process.
“When they are able to communicate honestly, then that is when they are truly on the road to recovery,” Bhikoo added.

Bhikoo stresses the importance of having a sponsor or being a part of a support group for individuals recovering from addiction. This helps them avoid becoming complacent and thinking that they are completely fine.
“Individuals experiencing low days need to understand that during down days, they must take extra care of themselves,” said Bhikoo.

Bhikoo suggested that there are many local communities with support groups available for those affected directly or indirectly by addiction. Additionally, the Jamiatul Ulema and Islamic Careline offer support services. For individuals who have completed rehab, there are halfway houses and wellness centres that provide holistic support.

The journey to overcome addiction is ongoing, and we hope that Allah grants those recovering from addiction, as well as their families and friends, the strength and ease they need to persevere.

LISTEN to the full interview with Mualimah Annisa Essack and Recovery NLP coach, Jameela Bhikoo here.


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