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Do you know the paternal aunts of the Holy Prophet (s)?

Shakirah Hunter

Six strong sister – the paternal aunts of Nabie (صلى الله عليه وسلم )were renowned for their strength and their unique qualities that bring to mind women of both integrity and honour. They each were unique and brought up strong children who were giants in the growth of Islam.

  1. Aatikah bint Abdul Muttalib ,
  2. Umme Hakeem (Ra) ,
  3. Saffiya bint Abdul Muttalib (Ra) ,
  4. Arwa bint Abdul Muttalib (Ra) ,
  5. Barrah bint Abdul Muttalib (Ra) ,
  6.  Umayamah bint Abdul Muttalib (Ra).
 Saffiya bint Abdul Muttalib (Ra):

She was described with the best of qualities , she was extremely virtuous and renowned for her beauty. She lived a life of abstinence and great forbearance. She was known for her honor and rank. She loved the Holy Prophet (saw) with a great intensity. She was also described as being extremely intelligent and wise.
Her mother was Haala and she was the sister of Hamza (RA) who shared the same mother and father. She married Awaam bint Khuwailid. She accepted Islam and pledged allegiance to Nabi ( s) , and emigrated to Madinatul Munawwarah . She was famous for being the mother of the great Sahabi Zubair Ibn Awaam.
She was known for her bravery , especially in the expedition of Banu Quraiza. She protected the women and children from a Jewish man , she physically struck him with a tent peg until he was killed.

Arwa Bint Abdul Muttalib:

She was well known for her eloquence of speech and Balaagah in speech. She was a well renowned, acclaimed poet and she many famous poems and sayings that are attributed to her. She was most famous for using her ability of speech in her defence of the Deen of Islam. She would often encourage her son Tulaib to defending the Deen of Islam and the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم.
Her son Tulaib ibn Umair accepted Islam in Darul Arqam and he was the first to shed the blood of a mushrik in the defence of the Holy Prophet.

Aatika bint Abdul Muttalib :

Like her sister Arwa she was also famously known for being a poetess. Some narrations say that she migrated to Madina whilst others say she was still a non Muslim in the battle of Badr . Once she had a dream wherein she saw that she was announcing the killing or war of Nabi (s) against the Quraish of Makkah . She related this dream to her brother Abbas (RA) who related it to his friend Waleed ibn Utbah until the entirety of Makkah knew of the dream . They immediately called her a liar and refused to believe her ,they mocked her and laughed at the possibility of Nabi (s) ever bringing the Quraish down. However only three days passed when the Battle of Badr occurred and the dream came to be a reality.

Umme Hakeem bint Abdul Muttalib :

She was given the nickname of Baidaa and she had Aamir and Arwa from her first marriage and thereafter she married Uqbah ibn Abi Mueet and she bore Waleed ,Khaleed and Umme Kulthum. She was the sister of the Prophet (s) father who shared the same mother and father. According to most narrations she was not alive at the time of Prophethood.

Barrah bint Abdul Muttalib :

Her mother was Fatimah bint Amar Al Makhzooma . She married Abdul Asad Al Makhzoomi and she had a son Abu Salama then she remarried and had a son by the name of Abu Sabra , he was from amongst the first muhaajireen and from amongst the chosen ones who took part in Badr.

Umaymah bint Abdul Muttalib :

She was married to Jahsh bin Riyyab Al Assadi , she had a daughter by the name of Zainub bint Jahsh who was the wife of Nabie (a) , and a son Abdullah ibn Jahsh who was martyred at Uhud. She also had other children Hanna bint Jahsh , Habeeba bint Jahsh and Abd bin Jahsh . All of whom were Sahaba except Abdullah ibn Jahsh.


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