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Doctors Without Borders Play a Crucial Role in Establishment of a Two-Bed Cholera Treatment Unit in Kanana

Neelam Rahim |

2-minute read
08 June 2023 | 19:20 CAT

Image: MSF Southern Africa

At the same time other provinces also announced cholera outbreaks, teams from the Doctors Without Borders organisations have played a key role in the response in Hammanskraal. They also established a two-bed cholera treatment unit in the community of Kanana in the North West. Thus far, 21 patients have been referred by the CTU to nearby Jubilee Hospital, which has 50 cholera beds.

South Africa has had two cholera cases reported during the first quarter of the year, in February of, which Doctors without Borders have been monitoring since.

Doctors Without Borders work in more than 70 countries globally. Speaking to Radio Islam International, MSF’s medical representative for South Africa, George Mapiye, said there have been several cholera outbreaks in every context.

“Each country has its own way of transmission that could have occurred, whether related to external traveling or within the same context where there is poor water hygiene and sanitation,” he says.

Experienced in managing cholera cases, Doctors Without Borders has played a vital role in the cholera outbreak response since May 26.

Investigations by authorities are underway to uncover where the first cases in Hamanskraal emanated from.

Meanwhile, Doctors Without Borders are working to ensure that the transmission is reduced and the currently infected are treated.

Mapiye encourages communities to use safe water, water containers and well-maintained sanitation systems; in a lack of such, people are advised to approach the Department of Health.

Listen to the full interview on Your World Today with host Mufti Yusuf Moosagie.


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