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Dr Kevin Barrett: Shortage of baby formula in the US

May 21, 2022

By Annisa Essack

Parents are in a panic as the ongoing infant formula shortage worsens. What started with challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic has declined in recent weeks. Dr Kevin Barrett spoke to Radio Islam International to shed more light on the reasons behind the shortage.

According to Dr Barrett, the media is placing blame for the shortage that occurred when the infant formula market was plunged into disarray after Abbott Laboratories voluntarily recalled some of its most popular powdered formulas in February and shut down its plant in Sturgis, Michigan, after four babies who had consumed some of Abbott’s products became sick with bacterial infections.

Dr Barrett says the shortage has caused many problems, with some parts of the country being more affected than others. He also said that the poorest are most affected, and baby formula is critical in keeping children alive.

However, Dr Barrett spoke on the implications of bottle-fed babies, referring to the Qur’an, which advocates breastfeeding, which has more positive health and psychological benefits for the child.

Regarding how the Biden administration was dealing with the situation, Dr Barrett said it was a “lower priority” for the administration as it was more preoccupied with the war between Ukraine and Russia. He spoke of the oligarchy that had captured the US government, intending to rid the world of the poor and those regimes that stand against them.

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