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EFF’s lens on Africa signals its long-term vision

Neelam Rahim neelam@radioislam.co.za

4 min read | 15:55 CAT

A political analyst says the belief that the EFF has reached its pinnacle and is unlikely to achieve much beyond its current 10 per cent electoral vote may prove to be short-sighted.

Kim Heller wrote in an article in The African that since its inception, the party may hold a small fraction of the electoral vote. Still, its share of voice and scope of influence is far beyond its current electoral holding – not only in South Africa but in the Continent and internationally.

Joining the discussion with Radio Islam International, Kim Heller said the EFF has a long-term vision regarding their support base, dialogue and discussions on the concept of a United Africa.

While some people might find it not ideal in the short term, Kim argues that it builds a long-term future for the EFF.

She said many African leaders and citizens well regard Julius Malema.

Conducting many interviews in the diaspora in Spain and US, Kim receives constant feedback saying Julius Malema is the one who stands up against white supremacy and makes overtures and comments on the lives and wellbeing of black South Africans.

Julius Malema has established an excellent footprint in about five countries, including Zimbabwe, Namibia and Liberia. Kim tells Radio Islam Julius has two MP’s in the Namibian parliament.

In South Africa, looking at the current levels of xenophobia. The EFF party would appear to be a lone voice in favour of foreigners making a home in South Africa. This type of policy may further reduce the voter base in SA, while this ideology has a broader appeal and a long-term vision. However, in the short term, it may hurt the party in the electorate.

The vision of Julius Malema is pinned on a United Africa where he already has a presence. Kim said it is both a long-term vision and a noble thing to do in the face of other parties using foreigners as a scapegoat.

“We should look favourably on what the EFF is doing,” she says.

Listen below to the interview with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie and Kim Heller on Radio Islam’s podcast.


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