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Exploring the vibrancy of Johannnesburg | Shanèy Vijendranath

Sameera Casmod |
02 December 2023 | 11:37am CAT
3-min read

Picture: Google Maps

Nestled within the heartbeat of South Africa, the vibrant city of Johannesburg is one of dynamic contrasts; a metropolis that seamlessly blends the allure of urban sophistication with the raw beauty of its natural landscapes. Known as the “City of Gold”, Johannesburg has a rich cultural tapestry woven by diverse communities and offers a plethora of spectacular sights and exciting activities.

Shanéy Vijendranath, a digital creator, discussed Johannesburg’s myriad charms on the Weekend Breakfast program on Radio Islam International.

With a decade of experience as a travel content creator, Vijendranath discussed some of her favourite destinations. While acknowledging the uniqueness of each destination, she expressed a special fondness for Sri Lanka’s rich culture. However, her heart lies in South Africa, emphasising the need to explore her homeland further.

Vijendranath recounted her recent adventure in the Free State, particularly in the small town of Rosendaal. Amidst guest lodges and community-driven tourism initiatives, she highlighted the charm of exploring lesser-known areas, showcasing the beauty of collaboration for job creation and boosting local economies.

Addressing the common misconception that Johannesburg lacks entertainment options, Vijendranath provided a comprehensive list of activities for families. From roller skating at RollEgoli in Bryanston to art jamming in Rosebank, her suggestions spanned diverse interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the bustling city.

For adventure-seekers, Vijendranath recommended unique experiences, including stargazing in Four Ways and navigating obstacle courses at Total Ninja. Petrolheads were directed to the Jaguar Land Rover Experience Centre in Lone Hill, adding an exciting dimension to the city’s offerings.

For those seeking tranquility, Vijendranath shared picturesque spots for picnics and short hikes, such as Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, North Cliff Hill, and Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge. These destinations provide a perfect escape from the urban hustle, with breathtaking views and serene environments.

Recognising the extended holiday period for children, Vijendranath suggested family-friendly activities. Options ranged from sightseeing on the Big Red Bus and museum tours for older kids to raspberry picking at Fields Bay Farm and the Donkey Dairy Farm for the younger ones. Adventure-seeking kids could explore the Rope Adventure Park in Krugersdorp or enjoy the Playland at Hamleys in Four Ways.

The interview uncovered the diverse and vibrant offerings of Johannesburg, inviting explorers to immerse themselves in a world where history, modernity and the spirit of adventure converge. In this urban haven, bustling city life harmonises with hidden gems, offering a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Vijendranath’s passion for exploration, coupled with her commitment to family and quality time, serves as an inspiration for locals and visitors alike to discover the wonders of this dynamic South African metropolis.

List of activities:

  1. Family adventures:

– RollEgoli in Bryanston (Roller skating)
– Various go-karting locations across Johannesburg
– Art Jamming in Rosebank, Splatter Room in Four Ways, or Colour Café in Hyde Park
– Anaka Blooms (Pick your own flowers)
– Adventure Golf
– Zoo Lake
– Axe-Static in central Johannesburg (Axe throwing)
– Telescope Night for Stargazing in Four Ways
– Jaguar Land Rover Experience Centre in Lone Hill (Fast cars and adventure)
– Total Ninja (Indoor inflatables and obstacle course)
– Escape Room (Puzzle-solving adventure)

  1. Nature escapes and picnic spots:

– Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens (Picnic and short hike)
– North Cliff Hill (Scenic views and ice cream)
– Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge (Hiking or biking)
– Wiles Municipal Nature Reserve in Houghton (Stroll with pretty flowers and views)
– Hennop’s Trail (Hiking and mountain bike trail near Hartebeespoort)
– West Cliff Trails (Jogging with amazing views)

3.  Keeping kids busy during summer holidays in Johannesburg:

– Big Red Bus (Sightseeing Johannesburg
– Tours to explore hidden gems and museums in Johannesburg
– Raspberry picking at Fields Bay Farm
– Donkey Dairy Farm in Magaliesburg (Animal experience for young kids) *Donkey milk is not permissible to consume
– Rope Adventure Park in Krugersdorp (Rope course for adventure-loving kids)
– Hamleys Playland in Four Ways (Exciting for little ones)

Listen to the full interview on the Weekend Breakfast Program with Moulana Mohammad Kara and Moulana Ibrahim Daya.


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