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Fake proof of payments is hurting small businesses

Mumtaz Moosa |
8 August 2023 | 22:00 CAT
2 min read

Photo Credit: Carltonville Herald

A few months ago, I reported that one of the local businesses within the Norwood area in Johannesburg had been hit with this scam, and after months, this scam has picked up traction once again.

Restaurants and small home industries are contacted by a lady who claims that her food supplier has dropped her last minute and requires food for a corporate function; she then orders the food and some cold drinks and sends an Uber to collect.  The proof of payment is sent before an Uber can come to pick it up, and only days later does one realize that the Proof of Payment is fraud.

Over the last few weeks, different establishments within Johannesburg have once again claimed that they were hit with the same scam with different people calling for different reasons, but the order is large.

What can be done in this case?

Restaurants are advised to ask for immediate payment and not to send food until the money is reflected in their bank accounts. Attentively any large orders should be placed in person and collected in person, with payment done at the store.

Due to the person using multiple cellphone numbers, I cannot conclude if it’s the same person or if this is a new trend.

This current scam has hit home industries the hardest.


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