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GAZA Travel Diary of Ejaz Khan, 25 August 2011

Aug 25, 2011


Jozi 2 Giza 2 Gaza

It was to be an early start, as members of the Africa 1 Aid Convoy made their way to O.R Tambo  International airport, from all parts of the country. Finding the co-ordinator, Junaid Van Der Plank was not hard…The Brother stands over 2 Metres tall, his helpfulness exceeding his height. I glare at my wife Mariam, she is struggling to keep her emotions in tact, and I don't blame her. In our 9 years together I have never been away from her for longer then 3 days. Now I am about to embark on a mission, a volunteer for the Africa 1 Aid Convoy to Gaza, a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit and help the People of Gaza, with Aid from the South African Muslim population, in solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle, collected by the Al Quds Foundation.
The Springs Muslim School encouraged the travellers with Chants of Takbeer and Birr Rooh Bid Damm, Nafdheeka Ya Aqsa!! And as scholar by scholar spoke to the gathering group, it dawned on me just how fortunate I really was… how fortunate we ALL really are to be going to the Land of the Ambiya!
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