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GAZA Travel Diary of Ejaz Khan, 30 August 2011

Aug 30, 2011
Jozi 2 Giza 2 Gaza
I interrupt the interesting Ziyarat session to bring you to the present. We'll get to Ayman's driving skills at a later stage. We had just eaten Sehri, completed our Fajr salaah, and were smiling with glee. WE ARE GOING TO GAZA TODAY!! Once again, it is amazing how Allah connects people who are on the same frequency at moments that they are supposed to, and this trip was definitely one of those moments. For, all around me, were people who had the same verve and enthusiasm for the Palestinian Issue.
We were told the night before that we would be meeting at 7:30 am in the lobby, leaving at 8:00 am. A swarm of yellow descended upon the hotel lobby, and within minutes  were aboard the bus and Ameer ML Ighsaan Hendricks addressed us before departure, a lovely bit of naseeha on punctuality, and then he re-focused our journey on the road ahead, and we were all pumped up for our adventure into Palestine.
Dr Abu Yusuf, The chief negotiator for the convoy and head of Miles for Smiles. Addressed us, pinting out the massive security personnel tasked with getting us across the border safely. In front on the side and behind our convoy,we were covered. In Fact, even inside the bus, we had a Security Guard. Its another sign of the change in Egypt, as slowly but surely, the future for Egypt and the Palestinian cause seems a lot brighter, alhamdulilah.
The drive to Al -Erish was long and tiring, made to be even moreso due to the fact that we were fasting. A quick stopover at a local masjid for Salaah and we were back on the road again. ML Ighsaan once again joined on our bus and we were privilidged to have him as a Guide through the Sinai, the area of much tension between Egypt and the Apartheid loving fella's on the wrong side of humanity. It was quite an experience viewing the tanks and Nyala's in standby mode, ready for war, if any signal from the powers that be were to come. This was no ordinary mission, but all our spirits were extremely high.


Prime Spot!!!


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