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Gift of the Givers setting up Medical Facilities for Gaza patients in Al Arish, Egypt camp

Neelam Rahim |

3-minute read
18 April 2024 | 16:39 CAT

Masud Akkad of The Gift of the Givers in Gaza. The foundation hopes to send more people to bolster its team in Gaza, if a ceasefire can be brokered. Supplied/GroundUp

Eleven people, including children, have been killed in an Israeli air attack on the Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza as Israel continues its bombardment of the Palestinian territory.

Seven more people were reported killed, including four children, in an Israeli attack on a house in the Yabna refugee camp in Rafah.

The United Nations, United States, and Palestinian rights groups joined the growing condemnation of Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank.

These are on the backs of at least 33,843 Palestinians who have been murdered and 76,575 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7.

The Gift of the Givers has been active for some time and is now setting up a medical facility for Gaza patients in Al Arish, Egypt, which is South of the Gaza Strip.

Head of Gift of the Givers Search and Rescue, Ahmed Bham, underscores the rapidly put-together medical facility with Radio Islam International.

Bham said Gift of the Givers has been sending aid to Gaza through Al Arish, with their set convey going into Gaza two weeks prior.

“We realised that the medical facilities in Al Arish need assistance due to the influx of our Palestinian brothers and sisters coming into Egypt, seeking medical attention,” says Bham.

Gift of Givers has been in negotiations with local organisations and the government sector in Egypt to capacitate more of the victims arriving.

Meanwhile, the daily entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza has undoubtedly had its major challenges. Even though it was reported that 1,200 trucks entered the Gaza Strip, the aid is not sufficient and is a drop of what is really required.

There is also uncertainty that the Israeli IDF can shut down the borders at any time and subject the trucks to further scrutiny.

Listen to the full interview on The Daily Round Up with Moulana Junaid Kharsany.


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