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Hajj season starts with the day of Tarwiyah

Annisa Essack |
26 June 2023 | 06:00 CAT

2 min read

Photo Credit: Ministry Of Hajj

Over two million Hajj pilgrims are estimated to arrive in the city of Mina on Monday for the largest Hajj season since the coronavirus pandemic strictly reduced access to one of Islam’s five pillars since 2020.

This Hajj will also be the biggest since the requirement for women to be accompanied by male guardians was dropped in 2021, and the age limit of 65 has also been scrapped. The Hajj rituals began late Sunday at the Grand Mosque in Makkah when hundreds of thousands of pilgrims on Sunday performed the Hajj ritual of Tawaf Al Qudum (Prayer of Arrival).

The day of Tarwiyah, the day of quenching thirst, is the 8th day of the month of Dhu Al Hijja, which marks the beginning of the annual pilgrimage of Hajj on Monday. 

Many pilgrims had been in Makkah for weeks when they entered the state of Ihram, whereby they prepared their bodies and mind for the rituals ahead.

As they approach the Kaaba, pilgrims must circumambulate in an anticlockwise direction, meant to express the devotion of Muslims praying to one God.

They will then perform Sa’y, whereby Muslims re-enact the journey of Hagar, the Prophet Ibrahim’s wife, as she went between Al Safa and Al Marwa, looking for water for her son Ismail.

Muslims walk between these two points.

Pilgrims then depart for Mina, 5 km away, where they recite prayers and spend the night in the valley where the Prophet Ibrahim stoned the devil as he tried to lead him astray.

The worshippers will sleep in Mina’s tents on Monday night and spend Tuesday at Mount Arafat, the climax of the Hajj. 




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