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Hardships You Have To Face In Life – Part 13

Life consists of ups and downs. No matter how much you shield yourself, sooner or later, you will have to face hardships.

However, hardships also have something positive about them. You grow as you experience them. They make you a stronger and better person.

Yes, they are often very painful, and it can be hard to see them in any positive light whatsoever when you are experiencing them.

But that is just the reality of life!

So we have taken a look at some of the difficulties which we all have to go through, obviously it affects and impacts us in different ways because we all come from different backgrounds and we all experience different emotions, and everybody handles situations differently.


If you have never experienced any kind of failure in your life, I’d be seriously worried. That would imply that you’ve never tried something new and that the people around you are not honest with you.

Failure is simply part of life. There is no growth in life without failure. A good metaphor for that is the heart rate monitors you can see in those hospital series.

If the heart beats steadily, the line goes up and down and up and down.

Everything is fine. If something good or bad happens, the heartbeat may pick up its pace, and the ups and downs will be higher and lower, but still, it only shows that the person is alive.

However, when they die, the line is suddenly flat.

Life is meant to have ups and downs, successes, and failures. If it would all follow a straight path, we wouldn’t be living.

Whenever you face failure, there are two things you need to remember:

Failure means that you’ve lived. You have had an experience. Learn your lesson out of it and move on.

Failure brings you one step closer to success. There isn’t one successful person out there that hasn’t failed along their way. In some cases, those failures have been absolutely shattering. Still, they moved on, and so can you!

Death of a loved one

Whether it is your grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, or pets, sooner or later, you will be confronted with one of them passing away.

Sometimes it will come out of nowhere and will disrupt your whole world.

Other times, it is the result of a long and arduous battle with health issues, and you might at least find some solace in the knowledge that they don’t have to suffer anymore.

Whatever the situation, losing a loved one brings immense pain; there is no sugar-coating that.

However, you should remind yourself that this pain, too, will pass to a great extent. Think about all these people worldwide who have lost loved ones and managed to still make life worth living.

But most importantly, take this as a reminder to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

Earning money is significant and rewarding, but if it comes at the cost of losing too much of the precious time with the people you hold dear, what is it all for?

From this tragedy on, maybe you can finally commit to at least calling each of your loved ones once a week. Maybe commit to meeting them at least once a month.

Just try to spend as much time with them as possible so that when this hardship comes, none of you has any regrets.


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