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Health benefits of sneezing (19.04.18)


Today, let’s talk about sneezing and find out what causes you to sneeze. Moreover, you will also learn about couple of home remedies that can help you when you are sneezing intensely.

What Is Sneezing?
First of all, sneezing may be very irritating at times, but it is actually a protective mechanism that helps expel allergens and irritants out of your body.
Sneezes start in your nerves. Everyone’s nervous system is basically wired in the same way. However, signals traveling along these nerves can take slightly different paths to and from the brain, resulting in different sneeze scenarios from person to person.

Why Is Sneezing Good For Health?
Sneezes protect your body by clearing the nose of bacteria and viruses. Sneezing is most of the times accompanied by symptoms that include lack of concentration, fatigue, runny nose, nasal irritation, and red eyes. However, sneezing is not always a serious problem.

What Causes You To Sneeze?
Basically, the nose also functions to clean the air you breathe, making sure it is free of dirt and bacteria particles. However, sometimes dirt and bacteria or pollens, or dust particles can enter your nose and irritate the sensitive mucous membranes inside your nose and throat. When these membranes become irritated, it causes you to sneeze.

However, other more serious causes can also be allergies, mold, viruses like the common cold or flu, nasal irritants, inhalation of corticosteroids through a nasal spray, or drug withdrawal. Infections caused by viruses can also lead to sneezing.

6 Medical reasons you should say “Alhamdulillah” after Sneezing

Sneezing is among few miracles in our body and is a reflex mechanism to get rid of dust particles, smoke or allergens in the nose because they are irritating. People from different cultures and beliefs say “God bless you” after sneezing. They have different explanations to this. It is a common practice among Muslims to say “Alhamdulillah” after sneezing. But why do and why should we say this after sneezing, is a very common question. “Alhamdulillah” means “praise be to Allah”. We thank Allah after sneezing. There are different reasons for saying it.[irp]

One of the reasons is that when one sneezes, the trapped vapors and the annoying object is expelled out from the nose and mouth with pressure, usually accompanied by a loud sound, and the whole body shakes as if it was an earthquake. But our heart just skips a beat and doesn’t stop. So sneezing is a blessing of Allah and we should thank him for that as we are protected from various diseases and also during the process, our heart doesn’t stop completely and we are alive. Our eyes are also protected as we close our eyes automatically as a reflex mechanism to protect them from harm.

One more reason is that it is said that our soul would depart from our body through the nose. We thank Allah that while sneezing he didn’t take our soul. Allah dislikes the act of yawning but likes the act of sneezing as it makes his creation say “Alhamdulillah” and while yawning, Shaytaan laughs at us. Also, it is Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to say Alhamdulillah after sneezing. It is a hadith that one should say Alhamdulillah after sneezing (praise be to Allah) and the person listening should say, “Yar-HamukAllah” (May Allah have his mercy on you).[irp]

Sneezing is very good for health medically. You must be shocked to read this but this is actually true. It plays a key role in our immune system as it helps keep us safe from foreign infections and antibodies. Following are few medical benefits you would love to know about sneezing:

1-Sneezing is a fast action which releases 100,000 germs from our body in one go.

2-Sneezing helps a person and provides relief as he/she gets rid of the trapped vapors in the head, which may lead to infections and diseases and preventing from sickness and pain.

3-The irritating material is prevented from entering into the lungs as it is trapped in the nostrils and released through a sneeze.

4-Sneezing lightens the mind and makes a person feel comfortable

5-It also helps to reboot and clear the nose and allows breathing in of healthy air.

6-Eyes are closed while sneezing which avoids blood capillaries and tear ducts from contamination from bacteria and viruses. 



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