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Hislo Mobile App Brings Islamic & Other Historical Locations to Life

Dec 05, 2018


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 05-12-2018

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)


A new mobile app has made visiting historical sites across the world more exciting.

Hislo, available for both Android and IOS devices creates a new dimension and brings historical locations to life.

Developed by URB Soft, the app has over 15 integrated features including, a navigation system, news feed, media sharing, advanced mapping and location description amongst others.

Hislo also assists with the complete structure of the landmarks with an augmented 3D view or augmented reality (AR)giving you a feeling of travelling through time.

While the app only has a few countries and cities, more can be added by sending a request to the developers.

Testing the App in the blessed city of Medina an Islamic personality says the app is must have for those who love travelling, especially to the holy lands.

“It’s really a stunning app that was done to help people come visit these places. One of the most important thing about visiting these places is connecting with actual places where the Prophet (saw) walked, where he drank from. These are historical sites.”



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