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Hope in the time of turmoil

Jul 18, 2021

By Mumtaz Moosa Saley
18 July 2021

The last week has been filled with anxiety, grief and fear. The constant news of the protest actions and the burning has left many South Africans feeling despondent. Five days later, we are watching our beautiful country with fear and panic, with each one of us asks how we will recover from this.

Amid the fear, anxiety and gloom came a glimmer of much-needed light. As of last night, many South Africans have taken to social media, offering their help to those who have lost business. The help post has gone viral, and people have provided support, from helping to clean to helping to rebuild and help small businesses rebuild. In the darkest of hours, this post had filled many South Africans with hope.

We have seen communities stand together and say hands-off. We have seen ordinary citizens saying we will help by donating time and food where needed. This beautiful thread restored hope and allowed South Africans to say that Ubuntu will still shine through despite it all.

Last week, I posted on how you can help this winter; this week, I am saying let’s support small businesses where we can in any way we can. We may not have been in this together, but we do want a positive South Africa.

May Allah be with those who have lost family, friends and livelihoods.
May Allah be with us during this trying time. Aameen.


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