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How a person passes away is not your story to share

Mumtaz Saley |
15 September 2023 | 11:30 CAT

1 min read

Photo Credit: MCC East Bay

When a loss occurs, we understand that to Almighty Allah, we belong and to him is our return.

Recently, I found that people look for reasons or make excuses regarding how and why the person is deceased. This is done in the presence of the grieving family, and sometimes, these unnecessary questions are asked of them.

Whatever the cause behind the person’s death, let us make a note not to add to our scroll of deeds by bad-mouthing or making up stories based on “he said, she said”. Let us not add to the burden of those grieving by questioning their plans or how they will continue without a spouse, child, or parent.

Instead, take a moment to look at the reminders that surround death. Be mindful of the person who may have lost a loved one and the tests they must endure.

More importantly, let death remind us that we all return to our Creator at some stage, and we should be looking at how to ensure that we leave this earth with as many of Allah’s blessings rather than His wrath.


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