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How Do Reclaimers Make Life Easy For You?

May 15, 2021

In the week Radio Islam has covered the News about the affluent suburbs in various Areas in Johannesburg to charge a R50 extra Recycle fee, a move that has now being scrapped.
Many news agency has called it nonsensical as this purposed fee will be charge to middle and high income areas to help separate at the source.
Now as it is the City waste does require a different bag with recyclables and now they asking for a levy to sort at the site which will now put reclaimers livelihoods at steak.
Many reclaimers go to dumps regular to try to salvage recyclables to have a steady income. Waste pickers save Municipalities an estimated R750 Million Rand a year in costs related to Landfills.
Today we chat to Luyanda Haltswayo Who is a founding member of African Reclaimers and has been a reclaimer for 13 years.


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