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How do you keep warm during winter?

Mumtaz Moosa |
24th May 2023 | 17:00 CAT
2 min read

Photo Credit: EcoSox

With temperatures dropping drastically and loadshedding, people have started to look at economical and cost-effective ways to stay warm during the long winter nights. 

With loadshedding, some fantastic advice was given to us by the Radio Islam International listeners.

With many homes feeling the pinch of electricity hikes, people have started to consider and look for ways to save to keep warm. One of the ways is to use electric blankets or over blankets as these costs just under R1 an hour to run and use the least amount of electricity. Over-blankets have taken the market by storm as you can keep warm in open spaces. 

Many listeners suggested small outdoor gas heaters for larger open spaces as this keeps the area warm for extended periods; check in your area if you have a connection for municipal gas.

Loadshedding is also a reality, and with this, I have turned to countries that experience blackouts during the snowy winter months.

Layer up with thinner clothing instead of big bulky clothing; thin layers form insulation and help retain body heat. Ensuring your undergarments are thermal will provide heat throughout the day and night. 

Microwave bean bags are safe and economical for kids; you can add some essential oils to them, which helps during the flu. The trusted old-fashioned water bottles take the top prize; however, they come with a risk, so check them daily for leaks and ensure they are correctly sealed. 

Windows and doors need to be insulated as well, as this allows cold to seep in; you can investigate investing in block-out curtains or going back to the old-school methods of hanging a blanket over the windows during the night. 

Floors in South Africa also play a significant role, so if you have wooden floors or tiles, you can add more rugs or blankets to insulate your room. 

Many listeners said the small room wall heaters don’t work even though they are cost-effective, especially running for extended hours; they suggested opting for small plug-in heaters.

Running your aircon is a great way to keep warm, but it could cost R14-R19 an hour. 


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