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How to fight year-end fatigue

Nov 17, 2021

Naseerah Nanabhai

If you feel physically and mentally drained this time of the year, you might be suffering from what is known as year-end fatigue. Indicators of year-end fatigue include feeling more tired, irritable and overwhelmed, or just generally exhausted. This could eventually lead to burnout, resulting in a lack of concentration, disrupted sleep patterns, and withdrawal from previously enjoyed activities.

Year-end fatigue may not be the same for everyone, with many experiencing physical fatigue and others mental fatigue. Physical fatigue includes muscle and joint pain and is commonly experienced by physical labourers or those in front of a computer all day. People may share mental fatigue in other career paths and include unhappiness, tiredness, and lack of motivation.

While year-end fatigue is significantly normal, it should not be left untreated. Ways to manage year-end fatigue include:

· Taking work breaks, even though you may be tempted to skip them with hopes of getting more done, instead use this time to re-energize and relax.

· Exercise to reduce stress and let go of draining energies, as exercise increases the production of endorphins.
· Regulate sleep patterns to refresh the mind.

· Eat well; a lack of specific vitamins and minerals may lead to increased fatigue; make sure you eat a balanced diet to get all the nutrients.

· Relax your body, treat your muscles and limbs to a massage or bath to relieve stress and re-energise.

· Do what makes you happy, set aside time to enjoy the little things that make you happy, such as having an ice cream or going for a walk.


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