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How To Respond To Crime, Loss of Wealth & Loss of Life – Mufti Yusuf Moosagie

We all experience challenging situations in this world, whether it is crime, loss of wealth or loss of a dear person. How do we respond?
In Jumuah lecture at Masjid Sayyidina Hamza R.A. Ext 9 Lenasia – Mufti Yusuf Moosagie shared the following advice:
1- Always make Dua for Aafiyat (well-being & protection).
2- Exercise patience: Read, “Innalillah Wainailaihi Raji’oon”.
3 – Know that life in this world is short and what you experiencing will soon pass.
4- Ridha Bil Qadha – Be happy with the decree of Almighty Allah.
5 – Shukar – Thank Almighty Allah that it could have been worse.
6 – Sadaqah – Charity draws the mercy of Almighty Allah and alleviates difficulties
7 – Take Lesson – Ask yourself, “How can I improve myself”
May Almighty Allah protect everyone. Aameen


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