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Hujjaj Shares His Experience In Azizia As Hajj Preparations Have Begun

Umamah Bakharia 

As Hujjaj are preparing for this year’s Hajj, brother Yusuf Bhamjee from South Africa shares his experience with Radio Islam as crowds have gathered in Azizia.

“It was a long two-year wait, [we] kept on making dua and my wife was more excited than me and this year we were on the ready to go list at the last moment and we had everything ready to go from 2020,” says brother Yusuf.



He says one of the highlights so far from this year’s Hajj has been to experience it with his wife and adds that the new raudhah system in Madinah through the app has made the experience less stressful and more peaceful.

“It’s very peaceful and well organised so you can go in peace and go and sit down and make a two rakah salah and make dua without having to push and shove, that is something that has really stood out for me,” says brother Yusuf.

In preparation for the journey, brother Yusuf says even though it is very hot, he has managed to focus on the spiritual significance of Hajj.


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