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Humour of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – Acceptance of Humour

Acceptance of Humour
Along with being humourous, Nabi S.A.W. also accepted humour. This means that when others were humorous Nabi S.A.W. did not always rebuke it. Islam was spreading at a fast rate and Nabi S.A.W. knew that each Muslim has a differently personality and comes from a different background.

Some came from villages, some were brought up in luxury, some were very formal in their approach, some were humorous and more relaxed. Nabi S.A.W. in spreading and teaching Islam had to accommodate for all these different personalities. There is a narration mentioned in Hayaatus Sahaaba…

A Bedouin came to Nabi S.A.W. He entered the Masjid and left his camel in the courtyard. Some of the Companions said to Nuayman R.A., “If you slaughter it, we will eat it, because we want to have some meat, and the Messenger of Allah will pay for it.” So Nuayman R.A. slaughtered it. When the Bedouin came out and saw his saddle, he shouted: “They have slaughtered my camel, O Muhammad!” Nabi S.A.W. came out and asked: “Who did this?” They said: “Nuayman.”

Nuayman went to hide in a ditch and covered himself with leaves. The companions informed Nabi S.A.W where he was hiding. Nabi S.A.W. brought him out of the ditch, and his face was dusty from where the leaves had fallen on him. Nabi S.A.W. asked him: “Why did you do that?” Nuayman R.A. said: “The ones who told you where I was, O Messenger of Allah, are the same ones who told me to do it.” Nabi S.A.W. began wiping his face and laughing, then he paid the price of the slaughtered camel. (Reported by Hayat Al-Sahabah, 3/154-155)

Nuayman R.A. was known to be humorous. Nabi S.A.W. understood that this was his personality. There was no need at this time to get angry. Perhaps, if it was another person, Nabi S.A.W. would have not taken it lightly. If Nabi S.A.W. had to rebuke Nuayman R.A., Nuayman R.A. would have probably thought that he needs to change his ways and this would have been difficult since he naturally had a bubbly personality.

Whether it be for humour or for any other aspect, we should try to understand people’s personalities before jumping to conclusions or judging anyone. Sometimes, we judge and write people off for making jokes or being too loud etc. not realizing that their personality is such.

Another point we take from here is that Nabi S.A.W. paid the price of the camel to the Bedouin. This teaches us that when being humorous, no one should be harmed in any way. No one should suffer a loss due to our humour and jokes.


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