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“I Was Tested Positive For COVID-19” – Heartfelt Story By A Muslim Sister


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Assalamu alaykum and hi to all.

I recently tested positive with covid 19, doing much better now. Alhamdulillah

I want to share my story with you all.
Im the most paranoid mom and i was always careful even before covid 19 came into our country, I’m the germs worst nightmare
I remember buying 9 bottles of sanitizers in February and my husband laughed at me.

A family member who tested positive stayed with us for 2 days. Saturday (13 June) evening i started feeling weak and dizzy so i thought i must be tired and ignored.

On sunday morning i woke up with so much body pain, every inch was aching. Im a chocoholic so when i took a bite of chocolate i knew i lost my taste and smell too.
By the end of the day i told myself i know i have it, i was crying and panicking in the middle of the night.
By Monday and Tuesday my breathing was getting difficult.
i was gasping for breath and was rushed to hospital.
I was so scared, i looked at my kids and husband like I won’t see them again.
I wrote my last letters to my husband, mom, my kids and my siblings.
I really thought i won’t make it.

They did xrays, ECG, lots of blood tests and then the covid test, aaah it was horrible, that swab went through my nose and in my brain, was the longest 10 seconds of my life. Chocolate would definitely make me feel better but my husband banned me from eating sweet stuff.

I came home because my oxygen levels were okay. The next 2 days were terrible and again i went to hospital.
I got my results, i am positive. I tried my best not to panick, i said alhamdulillah, kept reciting the verse: “ALLAH DOES NOT BURDEN A SOUL BEYOND THAT IT CAN BEAR” , read 2 rakaats and asked Allah to take me through this.

I was having very bad back pains too.
Tuesday night i was admitted in hospital.
The doctor told me i have anxiety also that is why my breathing is becoming more and more difficult,
I lost my beloved father a month ago so i guess that is how my body was reacting.

I came home yesterday and all praise be to the Almighty im doing much better.
My body is still weak and im still in bed.

I have so many people asking me questions and how did i go through this?
Lots of home remedies i did every day.

*I used to steam 4 times a day with vicks and eucalyptus oil
*1 tsp of kalungi and qustul hindi oil and honey twice a day
*1 cup sumac powder warm water on an empty stomach
*Vitamin c and zinc every morning
*We also boiled senna leaves and drank in the morning every second day
*Lots of warm water with lemon and panado for pain
*No sweet things and lots of fruits and veggies.

Alhamdulillah i had lots of help from my husband who stayed by me and my confused kids who basically had to look after eachother.
People would message and ask CAN I COOK? Or DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?
Lol im a person who will never say yes or give trouble to anyone.
in situations like these, we should not ask, we should drop off food and necessities by the door and leave.

It’s a situation where people are scared too that they’ll get the virus.
It’s totally understandable, remember you can just leave a msg of hope to the person, it doesn’t cost anything.

My 9 year old son cooked for us few times and my husband also tried his culinary skills ( that soup????????????????) luckily i couldn’t taste anything lol
My sister and her husband would pop by and bring us food and necessities.

I miss holding and kissing my kids, playing with them, cooking and eating with my family.
I see life with different eyes now and im definitely more greatful for all the favors of the Almighty.
Today is day 13 and i look back and im so greatful i survived, (even without chocolates) still weak but inshallah ill get better and stronger.
My symptoms were definitely not mild but Allah is very merciful, Alhamdulillah

With good moral support and full conviction in Allah, one can definitely weather the storm.

PS: still craving chocolates
Asma Bobat


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