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Importance of Telecommunication – Part 3

May 18, 2022

Telecommunication is the transmission of signals, signs, writings, words, messages, sounds and images, by radio, wire, optical, or other types of electromagnetic systems. Telecommunication happens when there is an exchange of information between participants with the help of technology. It is the lifeblood of our society and has helped make the world a global village with about 98 percent of the world under its network coverage. The importance of telecommunication has been experienced by every sphere of life, some of which we will take you through.

Importance of Telecommunication in Education

Earlier education meant only attending schools at normal school hours. However, with the introduction and development in telecommunication things have changed a lot. The internet, a part of the telecommunication service, helps students enjoy what is known as distance learning or e-learning. This basically helps students opt for higher education in their preferred courses. Almost all types of courses you can think of are available in such distance learning institutions, and they have lecturers who give classes and notes to their students, just like the way it happens in the brick-and-mortar schools. Things are very easy as far as distance learning is concerned, and the only telecommunication products required is a computer with internet connection, and then the students can start with their course study. Students need not leave city/country to join an institution of their choice. Many well-known institutions make use of telecommunication to offer a great variety of courses that students can join from the comfort of their own home. This helps them save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on airfare, accommodation, and other charges. Furthermore, you will also save the transport charges that you would have to bear to travel to and from your institution every day. Since such online courses allow students to choose their hours of learning, students can easily continue with their job and education at the same time. Most of these courses are certified and hold as much importance as the traditional education curriculum, and the certificates are equally valuable. So, students opting for distance learning have the opportunity to get their dream jobs on completion of such online courses.

Importance of Telecommunication in Healthcare

With the help of telecommunication equipment, the healthcare providers, as well as the patients, enjoy a lot of benefits.

Benefits for Patients

• People living in areas that do not have specialist care facility can use telecommunication equipment to get in touch with their healthcare provider without having to travel long distances.

• People suffering from chronic conditions, who need their vital statistics (like blood pressure and heart rate) to be monitored on a regular basis, can send such details to their doctor without having to visit them physically.

• Those who are homebound will not have to visit their physician, and instead, their caregiver can monitor their condition and keep the physicians updated.

Benefits for the Physicians

• There will be shorter waiting times in the clinic as fewer patients will need to visit the doctor physically, and thus the doctors will be able to serve more patients, more effectively.

• As the physicians will be able to keep a track of their patient’s condition regularly, they will be able to offer better care and better treatment.

Importance of Telecommunication in Business

Telecommunication serves as an important tool for businesses. Owing to it, companies are experiencing more success and many benefits.

• Telephones are still used by most companies. Owing to call management techniques, businesses can handle incoming calls easily. In case other lines are busy in such situations, calls are transferred to other employees who have the skills to manage such calls.

• With the help of mobile telecommunication, it becomes easier for employees working from home or from remote locations to communicate effectively. They can use telecommunication devices to receive and send messages, access data, participate in conferences, and work on documents.

• It is not possible for all team members to be physically present in important meetings, but collaboration is important for the success of projects. In such situations, telecommunication comes to the rescue. A teleconference of web conferencing can be planned, and then team members from all over the world can participate in it seamlessly.

Importance of Telecommunication in Economic Growth

The importance of telecommunication in our society has been experienced by one and all. It also has a strong effect on our economic activities.

• Agriculture has a very crucial role to play as far as the economy of any country is concerned. With the help of telecommunication, farmers can be informed about possible earthquakes, thunderstorms or other natural disasters through simple meteorological information. They can also be taught how to avert the consequences of such disasters as fast as possible.

• Telecommunication has played an important role in the transport sector always. It is used to fly and land airplanes, and to manage a fleet of vehicles in passenger transport and freight. With the help of telecommunication, it also has become possible to manage the movement of human traffic.

• The machinery of the government is also dependent on telecommunication, with the help of which the system enjoys a greater performance. For instance, the police need telecommunication to maintain control and command on the sea, air and land. In public administration, telecommunication plays an important role in coordinating the three tiers of the government.


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