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Importance Of The Masjid In Our Lives – Saeed Anwar


Tuesday 20120522 – Mu'aath bin Anas RA narrates that he heard Prophet Muhammad SAW saying, 'A person who does not go for Salaah after hearing the Athaan is committing a great wrong and is doing an act of kufr/disbelief and nifaaq/hypocrisy.'  Saeed, an ex-cricketer, explained that there’s much knowledge in the world today but little practice. This is due to weakness in Imaan as a result of love for materialism as well as neglect of the effort of Imaan.  One primary reason the Command of Salaah came down ten years after Nabuwat was that the first ten years was aimed at building the heart and strengthening the Imaan.  Hence, Salaah and all other commandments were then easy to observe.  Muhammad SAW said to the effect that people will attack my Ummah just as hungry people attack food; that Muslims despite being large in number, will have no weight because of the disease of love of this world and lack of worry for the Hereafter.  For the fundamental reason of abandoning Salaah and the Masjid, we as an Ummah simply cannot overcome our challenges and oppressors…






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