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IRR research show South Africans would accept a good president of any race

Neelam Rahim / neelam@radioislam.co.za

2 min read
29 January 2023 / 21:22 pm CAT

Photo Credit: DAILY FRIEND

Photo Credit: DAILY FRIEND

An annual survey conducted for the South African Institute of Race Relations shows that ordinary South Africans do not care about the skin colour of political leaders – only that they are competent to do the job. This contrasts with several South Africans who are adamant that they will not vote for any party but the ANC as they do not want a white person to be head of state again.

One such person is Andile Mngxitama, who constantly states that a white person would be chosen as head of state by a national coalition after the 2024 election.

Sharing his views with Radio Islam International, the IRR’s Martin Van Staden said the future could have a political leader from a racial minority who holds strong characteristics of integrity, is non-corrupt and conducts themself as a leader.

According to Van Staden, employment, the fight against crime and the loadshedding crisis makes the top of the list of the survey for the government to prioritize. The bottom of the list suggests interpersonal racism and land reform.

“Ordinary South Africans care about real issues that affect us all and want their leaders to have the competence and integrity to get it done,” he added.

Listen to the interview with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie and the IRR’s Martin Van Staden on Radio Islam’s podcast.


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