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Is Posting Adverts with a Price a Good Idea?

Mumtaz Moosa |
21 June 2024 | 15:30 CAT
1 min read

With the rise of small businesses and home industries online, many of us find it frustrating to see the words “DM for price” or no price listed at all. So, is it good practice to put a price on an item for sale, or does it create curiosity?

For pure commodity products, there is always a price. Whether searching for hotels, flights, or items on any e-commerce site, you can almost always budget for them. However, in some instances, posting a price isn’t feasible. This applies to industries where pricing is specific to time and required items. For example, a lawyer can provide an hourly rate but can’t predict how long a case will take, making it difficult to budget every cent. The same goes for plumbers or electricians.

As a business owner, consider your perspective. Would you still be interested if you see an advert or visit a website with no product description or price? Would you be willing to contact the supplier, ask for a price, and wait for a reply? Consumers often perceive hidden prices as a sign of expensive items or potential scams, leading to lost sales due to the hassle of determining the price. This can cause them to ignore the rest of your products, potentially losing even more sales.

So, Should You Include a Price?

Yes. Posting prices saves you the hassle of constantly replying to inquiries and allows people to view your other products and make informed decisions. We know that Rizq (provision) is from Almighty, and even if you make a minimal profit on an item and are cheaper, sales will only happen by the will of Almighty. Let’s take lessons from Islamic history and practice fair and good trade.

Including prices in your adverts can enhance transparency and trust, benefiting your business.


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