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It is a crime to have food insecurity when government policy can solve it

Goodhope Dlangamandla |
7 December 2022 | 10:30 AM CAT
1 min read

Photo Credit: FFSA

The Food Forward initiative has claimed that having food insecurity when government policy can address it is a crime.

Food Forward’s fund development manager, Deirdre Adams, claims that the organisation is optimistic that the national food banking model may help to alleviate South Africa’s challenge of food insecurity. However, for this to happen, the government must implement a policy on food donations.

“So, with the Food Forward model, a food banking model, we recover surplus food from the supply chain, farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. We distribute that food to organisations serving the poor, but we would have much more food to collect if the movement had a food donation policy in place.”

According to Adams, who spoke with Radio Islam International, people are hesitant to contribute food since there is no liability insurance.

According to Adams, approximately 30 million people live in South Africa without access to enough food; every year, 10 million tons of food are lost.

“In South Africa, there is no problem of inadequate production; in fact, we have a surplus of food, but the food is not going to the people and is too expensive for people to access, leading to half of the population being insecure.”

Adams added that the approach supports 2700 beneficiary organisations, including skill centres, nursing homes, community kitchens, disability centres, crèches, clinics, and homes for abandoned children.

The organisation donated around 12000 tons of food during the most recent fiscal year.

Listen to the interview Sabahul Muslim with Sulaimaan Ravat and his guest Food Forward’s Fund Development Manager, Deirdre Adams.

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