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Jumbo the Boran bull sells for a record R2.3 million

By Neelam Rahim

A farm in Mpumalanga has sold off a Boran bull for a record R2.3 million at an auction on Saturday, 6 August.

The bull, Jumbo, was bred by Hurwitz Farming near Betha and beat the previous R1.7 million for a Boran bull.

Joining the discussion with Radio Islam International, Simeon Hurwitz of Hurwitz Farming said that Jumbo is a good bull who was marketed very nicely because of the quality animal he is, a fantastic price to be commended but still not expected.

The qualities making Jumbo so unique and sort after include that typically he is an excellent-looking Boran bull, also a great bull by any standard in any breed. Ticking all the boxes, he is the right weight, the right talent, the right shape, and he is masculine.

Regarding genetics, Jumbo is probably one of the best cows the breed has ever known worldwide with the tremendous progeny that she has produced. And very sort after and in high demand.

According to Simeon, the Boran breed is a beast breed of kettle found through Africa and very popular in South Africa.

He says there is probably over 40 000 head of kettle in South Africa from a national herd point of view. It is well established and has been around for 20 + years in SA. The beast breed is not a dairy type of animal. The Boran breed plays a part anywhere plugged into the beast cycle.

Regarding the history of the Boran breed, Simeon tells Radio Islam originally comes from the Borena province in Ethiopia that’s where it derives its name Boran from. Throughout the years, it migrated its way down through the middle of Africa and found most of the population in Kenya. From Kenya through to Zambia, down into Southern Africa.

The Boran breed is exported to South America and found in Australia and has been around for more than 1300 years. It’s been recognised as a breed of the kettle—a conventional type of genetic base.

The Boran breed came into South Africa in the beginning by way of embryo transfer.

The people who purchased Jumbo are from Zambia. Jumbo will be immigrating once the borders open again. Simeon said from a return on investment point of view. These are substantial farmers well diversified in agriculture. They will probably be storing semen of the bull, possibly selling semen of the bull, and using him on their commercial and cost breeding products. With the storage of semen for generations and years to come, they can reproduce Jumbo into whatever breeding ideas they want. Established business people who have a got a plan.

Hurwitz farming is a family home farming entity. It is farming between Bethel and Ermilo in the Mpumalanga. A diversified farming business with a registered quarantine station on the farm and comprising its auction venue where Jumbo was sold is called the bull ring. Also, agricultural farmers.


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