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Liberia Fears Jailbreaks as Prisoners Face Starvation

Umm Muhammed Umar

Concerns have been raised following possible jailbreaks at some prison facilities in Liberia, following inmates starving as a result of a food shortage. One facility, the Monrovia Central Prison, has been short of food since December 8.

Prison officials say that two prisons, including the Monrovia Central Prison, had closed to new prisoners, to avoid putting more people at risk due to the food shortage. According to the BBC, a source within one of the facilities said, “Today, there is completely no food at the facility.” Meanwhile, jailbreaks have been anticipated due to the situation.

The Liberian government’s delay in raising funds for the prison facilities has been cited as the foremost factor in the crisis. However, the director of prisons, Sainleseh Kwaidah, said that the government was doing everything to resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, the BBC reports that businessman, Upjit Singh Sachdeva has intervened to provide food to the prisoners.



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