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Life Esidimeni Inquest With DA’s Jack Bloom

Nov 25, 2021

By Umamah Bakharia

The Gauteng Provincial Government is footing the legal bill for all current and former officials who have been subpoenaed to give evidence at the Life Esidimeni Inquest.

The inquest is hearing evidence to determine the cause of death of 144 mental health patients who died after they were send to unsuitable NGOs.

The DA’s Jack Bloom says this information was disclosed by Gauteng Premier David Makhura in a written reply to questions in the Gauteng Legislature.

Bloom speaks to Radio Islam on he’s views of the inquest using taxpayer’s money to finance the inquest.

“The provincial government could have avoided all of this if they stopped this happening in the first place,’ says Bloom.

Reports say the inquest in being delayed because officials claim they did not have legal representation. However, this was resolved when the government instated state attorneys as well as three law firms to handle the matter.

Bloom says he is resentful that the fact that the premier has repeatedly rebuffed the DA’s attempt to request the use of the damages act which is a bill that damages can be claimed from an employee or from the person that is responsible for causing extra expenses.

DA claim that this inquest is taking too much of the taxpayer’s money.


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