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[LISTEN] Muslim Rights Concern Calls on Public to Ignore All Forms of Anti-Taliban Propaganda

Aug 26, 2021

Image: AP

Faizel Patel – 26/08/2021

Director of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) Professor Ishaq Akintola has called on the public to ignore all forms of ongoing anti-Taliban propaganda emanating from the American government.

The human rights groups argues that America, which is smearing the Taliban, is the same country who praised the organization when the US was resisting Russian occupation.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Professor Akintola says it is important to shy away from anti-Taliban propaganda being projected in mainstream media.

“They’re trying to steer the traditions in Afghanistan in Kabul in particular. They are telling them that the Taliban will harm them; they’ll carry out mass executions after the officials have left. But we know this is false propaganda the Taliban within twenty-four hours entering Kabul, they announced a general amnesty.”

Professor Akintola says there is no need for the Afghans to flee their own country with an uncertain future in foreign lands.

“We are very sure that with clear mongering practice by America, Britain and Germany are the reason the country for the past twenty-years was assigned to ensure that there is brain drain in Afghanistan.”

Professor Akintola America and its Western allies are neck-deep in an international conspiracy to ensure that Afghanistan becomes a failed state.

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)


Listen to the interview with Professor Ishaq Akintola



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