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[LISTEN & WATCH] Ml Obeidullah Bhoja: “The Importance of a Mother”

Image: Islamic Insights

Faizel Patel – 22/06/2021

Hazrat Ml Sajjad Nomani (DB) has made mention of the importance, the honour and the dignity that Allah has blessed our mothers with.

The esteemed scholar’s sentiments were echoed by Ml Obeidullah Bhoja in a video post.

Many people have lost their mothers and the pain of dealing with such a huge loss can be devastating and overwhelming.

Ml Bhoja says Ml Nomani emphasises that when a mother passes away, it becomes too late to understand her true value in this temporary world.

“Ml urges us very emotionally that express your love to her, serve her whenever you can and be part and parcel of her life in every possible manner that you can be.”

Ml Bhoja says there is beautiful Urdu poetry that highlights the importance, efforts and sacrifices of mothers.

“Whenever a person is in difficulty, whenever a person is in hardship, the first person that comes to mind is a person’s mother. If you are in a distant place and if you are going through a lot of difficulty in your life, then even in your dream your mother would come and wipe your tears off for you, remembering you in the difficulty you are experiencing.”

Ml Bhoja emphasises that we would never be able to repay our mothers, adding that even when they are passing away from this temporary world, they make dua to Allah to bless their children with a pleasant life and that their children must live happily post their demise.

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