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Makkah Grand mosque gets 80,000 new Qur’an copies for distribution to pilgrims

Jun 27, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Holy mosque has been equipped with eighty thousand new copies of the Holy Quran ahead of the year’s hajj.

There square measure a pair of 300 shelves in several components of the Grand house of worship, consistent with Fahd ibn Abdel Aziz al-Saud al-Zabiyani, head of the board of directors.

He said that among the copies square measure those containing translations of the Holy Book in several languages, together with English, Urdu and Indonesian.

There is also an area unit copies in braille for those visually-impaired pilgrims, he stated.

The official noted that every pilgrim is welcome by receiving a duplicate of the sacred writing as a present.

Moreover, he said, the pilgrims will use mobile applications provided by the board of directors that contain translations of the sacred writing in over sixty languages.

On Tuesday, authorities discovered they’d registered a total of 172,562 pilgrims. United Nations agency has travelled from across the world to Saudi Arabia’s Madinah earlier than this year’s haj.

Statistics on incoming and outward-bound pilgrims in Madinah, issued by the Ministry of hajj and Umrah, showed that 156,828 pilgrims have arrived through Prince Mahound bin Abdulaziz International flying field in Madinah since receiving the primary hajj. In contrast, the land immigration centre received 13,097 pilgrims that arrived within the town through land border crossings.

The statistics conjointly discovered the nationalities of pilgrims staying in Madinah, showing that Indonesian pilgrims square measure the very best proportion of international pilgrims (24,478), followed by pilgrims from the Republic of India, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Iran.

Statistics showed that 76,955 pilgrims left Madinah over the past few days on their thanks to the Holy sites in Makkah.


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