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Massive demonstration against the high cost of living and economic challenges in Sierra Leone

By Neelam Rahim

In discussion with Radio Islam International is Oghenerie Emmanuel Omadhebo, an Analyst and social media influencer experienced in media campaigns, brand awareness, public relations and digital strategies. And Alexander, Businessman based in Sierra Leon, currently ground-based, said, for now, the situation has been a little diffused.

According to Emmanuel, early in the protest, protestors were attacked, and police officers, both male and female, were killed in the East of Freetown. There have also been internet shutdowns.

He says a sizeable portion of the population has been growing very angry for several reasons, including the government’s lack of assistance for regular, struggling people. The federal government has not done anything to recognise the people’s plight in these economically challenging times.

According to Alexander, this was a result of the economic issue in the country and the fact that the President has not been forthright regarding the situation of things going on in the country.

He says the Sierra Leon people, usually peaceful, got aggregated by some side pieces who attempted to tell them to take charge of their country. They then decided to go to the streets and protest the happenings in the country.

This shouldn’t last very long as the situation seems to be returning to normal, and the President has finally addressed the country. He added that they want to see how they can move on from the ugly incidents.

Alexander tells Radio Islam that the average citizen is not happy with the administration of the President. With the elections coming up next year, many feel the seat needs to be changed.

Listen to the full interview on Radio Islam’s podcast below.


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