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Mindless Snacking- a least favourite lockdown habit

By Naseerah Nanabhai

Undeniably, mindless snacking while working from home or just being in quarantine has become a norm for most of us. While we seek out snacking as a pastime, we need to be aware of the dangers of this mindless habit and ensure we focus on being heedful and making healthy choices when it comes to snacking.

Here is a list of some essential tips to avoid mindless snacking:

  • Portion control: never eat from the original packaging; always take out the amount you want into a bowl or smaller container. This helps you stick to the portion you have selected and prevents mindlessly finishing the packet.
  • Keep hydrated: often, snack cravings are confused with thirst; stay hydrated to avoid confusion and as a reminder to slow down.
  • Choose a protein: foods rich in protein help you feel full for longer and are therefore the best snack option.
  • Set time aside for eating: avoid eating while working, watching T.V or being on your phone, as this prevents you from concentrating on how much you are consuming.
  • Don’t stockpile. Keeping a wide variety of snacks at home increases the likelihood of you wanting to eat all of them. Instead, get in the habit of buying what is necessary for the week or month.
  • Plan: it’s not about cutting snacks out entirely, but rather planning healthy snacks and appropriate portions to reduce the occurrence of mindful snacking.

While we are all guilty of mindless snacking, a few changes here and there can positively affect the way we snack and its impact on our health.


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